+29 How To Keep Raccoons Out Of Garbage Right Way

+29 How To Keep Raccoons Out Of Garbage Right Way. How to keep raccoons out of trash. 5 tips for keeping raccoons out of your garbage:

How to Keep Raccoons out of Your Garbage Cans
How to Keep Raccoons out of Your Garbage Cans from www.andersonwildlifecontrolllc.com

You may need to secure your trash can with bungee cords or by tying it to a stake to keep them from tipping it over. Raccoons eat both vegetables and meat as they are omnivores. Wait for a sunny day, hose them down, then let dry in the sun.

Close The Lid To Your Bin.

They are enough of a deterrent to keep racoons away indefinitely when used properly. These bags have a mix of corn mint oil, methyl salicylate, camphor oil. Proper sanitation methods can help repel raccoons from your home and keep them from scavenging.

Raccoons, On The Other Hand, Are Excellent Climbers, Therefore You’ll Need To Construct Your Fence In A Certain Manner.

Light, sound, and smell repellents are a good combination to keep the raccoons away permanently. Hook one end of the bungee cord under the handle on one side of the garbage can. Another great way to keep raccoons out of your trash cans is to install a locking lid.

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Raccoons Can Chew Through Plastic Garbage Cans, So It Is Best To Invest In A Metal Trash Can.

Additionally, spray a liquid animal repellent directly. To prevent this, ensure that your trash can lid is properly closed and tight. An altercation with a raccoon can be dangerous for your furry friend, especially because raccoons are among the most common carriers of rabies.

Some Garbage Cans Will Come With Their Own Locking Mechanism.

Hang a string of blinking christmas lights around trash cans and leave them on all night to act as a raccoon deterrent. Use an animal repellent to deter raccoons and keep them away from your trash. Experts say you can even use ammonia, since the scent typically deters raccoons.

Some Individuals Use Electric Fence To Keep Raccoons Out Of Their Yards.

5 tips for keeping raccoons out of your garbage: Doing so will not only keep everything more hygienic, but will also limit odors and trash residue that attract pests like raccoons and possums in the first place. They can easily remove the lids of trash cans, even those with tightly sealed lids.