Easy Ways to Make a Seawater Aquarium

Easy Ways to Make a Saltwater Aquarium at Home

One of the advantages of having your own home is the freedom for you to create it so that it can be more attractive and according to your own wishes. Decorating and changing the appearance of a house is one of the most fun things because you can easily express your imagination and turn a house that seems to be a blank canvas that you can fill. One way to make the house look more attractive is to have a saltwater aquarium.

Owning an aquarium and keeping saltwater fish is a very fun hobby. You can create the contents of the aquarium according to the wishes and size of the aquarium. Not only that, you can also choose various types and variations of fish that have attractive colors to make the saltwater aquarium more colorful.

Not a few of these saltwater aquariums contain predatory fish that look scary to saltwater ornamental fish with attractive colors. This seawater aquarium is also slightly different from an ordinary aquarium because it requires a variety of different equipment to maintain the condition of the ecosystem in it.

Tips and How to Make a saltwater Aquarium at Home

1. Pay attention to the selection of the tank

Determining the size of a saltwater aquarium tank should not be careless. It is highly recommended to use a tank with a minimum capacity of 55 gallons of water (217 liters).

The bigger the capacity, of course, the better, but of course the price is more expensive. The thickness also needs to be considered to be suitable and resistant to such a large amount of water. The shape can be modified, but must match the type of lamp that will be installed later.

2. Tools Required

Before decorating and adding water, the tank must also be equipped with a power head as a creator of water flow. These artificial water currents are very useful for making marine life as natural as possible, especially if there are coral reefs in it.

Use the size and strength of the current that matches the volume of water used for the saltwater aquarium. The aquarium sump must also be made as a filter for all dirt and food residue from pet fish later.

This section can be made in the aquarium using a glass partition or made separately and separately from the main aquarium.

3. Types of Water That Can Be Used

The water used, of course, should use natural sea salt water. Because in the natural sea water there are plankton which are very useful as clothes for marine fish. Natural sea salt water can be obtained easily in specialty shops that sell ornamental fish and all kinds of aquarium equipment.

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Making salt water for this type of aquarium can actually be done.
The trick is to mix tap water with pure salt purchased at a chemist. However, its manufacture is very complicated because it is feared that there are compounds that are not suitable so that it can make ornamental marine fish die quickly.

Remember! This saltwater must be replaced periodically, which is about every three to four weeks. The normal temperature of the seawater aquarium must also be maintained, which is around 28 degrees Celsius.

4. Saltwater Aquarium Landscape

Saltwater aquarium landscape settings are always amazing. That’s because the decorative elements used are completely natural and come from the sea. Before filling with sea water, install all the equipment needed for the aquarium.

After that, arrange the contents of the aquarium using coarse and fine sea sand as the bottom. Then plant live coral and sea plants or anemones in it.

The next stage, after everything is in accordance with the desired design, then slowly enter the saltwater until it approaches the lip of the aquarium. If you feel you can’t do it yourself, just use the services of other people who are already used to arranging this type of aquarium landscape.

5. Types of Fish for Saltwater Aquarium

Some types of ornamental marine fish that can be kept easily are clown fish or often referred to as Nemo fish, blue and yellow tang, angelfish, lionfish, and butterflyfish.

Careful! Do not let the number of fish in the aquarium is too much so that it makes the water easily cloudy. Do not immediately put them in an aquarium that has just been poured with saltwater.

Let the sea water mix and unite using a power head for approximately four weeks so that the conditions are suitable for living.

After about a month, prepare the desired ornamental fish and put them into the aquarium along with the plastic wrap. This is done so that there is a temperature match between the fish and the saltwater that has been in the previous aquarium. Let the plastic filled fish float for about 20 minutes.

Then, open the plastic strap and let the water in the aquarium unite with the plastic. If within 10 minutes the fish has not swam out of the plastic, help the fish to swim freely in the aquarium.

Don’t forget to take care and clean the aquarium so that the fish can live healthy and live a long life.