Benefits of Cavendish Bananas

6 Benefits of Cavendish Bananas that are Good for Pregnant Women

Bananas are included in delicious and healthy snacks, basically this one fruit does have a delicious taste and its own soft texture. In Indonesia, you can easily get it in the market.

In terms of the types themselves, there are also quite a number of them, among which you may already be familiar with the Cavendish banana. Cavendish bananas are also known as premium bananas because they are mostly sold in supermarkets and minimarkets with a very beautiful appearance.

Know More Cavendish Banana

As mentioned earlier, this banana has a soft texture, so it is preferred as a dessert or processed into other types of food. For example, processed fried bananas, pies, puddings, or as additional ingredients for muffins and cakes.

Cavendish bananas contain about 400 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams, comparable to cooked beans, meat or fish. If consumed regularly, bananas can help regulate blood pressure and control heart activity. That’s why consuming high amounts of potassium can lower the risk of heart disease by up to 27 percent.”

Cavendish bananas are good fuel for muscles, as they are a good source of raw carbohydrates. Adults need 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day, but most people only get half of what they should. An easy way to increase your daily potassium intake is to eat one medium banana.

Advantages of Cavendish Bananas Compared to Other Bananas

It can be said that Cavendish itself is included in the superior banana product, moreover it is also widely exported abroad. The following are among the various advantages that should be known, namely:

  • Due to its large size, the Cavendish banana itself is quite large and long, which is why just eating one is enough to fill you up, without having to add more.
  • Its appearance is beautiful, without being like expensive bananas, because this type of banana has a shape that really describes a banana, starting from the curve, size to the color of the skin. No wonder if the products are also sent abroad.
  • The price is expensive, the price of this banana in the market is also relatively more expensive compared to others, especially if it has entered the supermarket. So many people prefer to cultivate this banana than others.

Nutritional Content of Cavendish Bananas

There are many nutritional compounds contained in this Cavendish banana, here are what you should know, namely:

Vitamin B6.
Vitamin C.

Cavendish Banana Benefits For Pregnant Women

It should be noted that this type of banana is indeed very good for pregnant women, offering so many benefits including:

  • Meeting the nutritional intake of the fetus in the womb, this fruit is in fact rich in nutritional compounds which are indeed good for supporting the nutritional intake of the fetus in your womb, including folic acid which helps to reduce the risk of babies born with defects.
  • Prevent anemia, rich in iron content as a source of raw materials for the formation of red blood cells. Where this is useful for preventing a shortage of red blood cells in the body of course or also known as anemia.
  • Optimizing the development of fetal nerve cells, another benefit that you can feel is to help optimize the development of the fetal central nerve cells, because this fruit is rich in vitamin B6.
  • Reducing the symptoms of morning sickness, in the early days of pregnancy or the first trimester, it is indeed the most vulnerable time, where pregnant women will also feel easily nauseated and vomit, so sometimes they can’t eat well. Consumption of bananas can actually help overcome this.
  • Overcoming constipation, hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women are prone to causing difficulty in defecating, experiencing problems such as constipation. Because bananas are rich in fiber, they are good for preventing and overcoming constipation.
  • Help control or keep blood pressure stable, because it is rich in potassium content, so it is also good for maintaining stable blood pressure, protecting from the risk of high blood pressure which can also be a symptom of preeclampsia in women who will give birth.
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Best Time to Eat Banana

Not just Cavendish bananas, but all fruits should be consumed singly. In other words, don’t eat it immediately after a heavy meal. Fruits contain sugar and when you eat them after a heavy meal, your body takes longer to digest it.

So, when is the best time to eat bananas? In terms of health and dietary needs, bananas are recommended to be eaten 10 minutes after waking up in the morning. You can also eat a banana 20 minutes before exercising, so that the nutrients are digested and available for the body to use as energy. You can also eat bananas immediately after a tiring workout.

The advantage of eating freshly ripe bananas is that they stay full longer and can enjoy the benefits of the resistant starch in them. On the other hand, ripe bananas with some dark patches on the skin are easier to digest and can provide the needed energy boost before a workout.

Certain medical conditions can cause people to have high levels of potassium in the blood. Contrary to popular belief, people with diabetes can eat bananas as long as the carbohydrate content is calculated according to their needs