Not Only Cat or Dog, Here are some Pet You can Have

Not Only Cat or Dog, Here are some Pet You can Have

Keeping animals can indeed relieve stress as well as channel hobbies. The animals that are most often kept as pets are cats and dogs. In fact, there are actually many alternative pets to choose from besides the two.

These animals certainly have uniqueness and are suitable to be kept at home because they are not wild. However, this alternative animal may not be as cuddly as cats and dogs in general. However, of course there is no harm in trying to maintain it, right?

Alternative Pets to Cats and Dogs

Apart from being cute and loving, pets are also chosen because of their uniqueness, such as their cute behavior and body shape or other things. Here are some alternative animals that can be kept because they are easy to care for and are often found on the market.

1. Hamster

Hamsters are chosen by many pet lovers because of their cute and tiny shape. Most people who keep hamsters are girls because generally they are looking for cute and adorable animals.

Besides women, hamsters are also liked by many children because they are not too dangerous and easy to hold. In fact, buying hamsters for children can be used as a way to train responsible attitudes in early childhood.

2. Rabbit

Rabbits are animals that can be used as either broiler livestock or maybe house pets. Just like hamsters, this animal was also chosen because of its cute and adorable face, especially the long ears.

Rabbits are also not aggressive and not noisy like dogs or cats so they are perfect for providing peace in the house. Unfortunately, these rabbits are not obedient animals so they cannot be communicated with, like cats or dogs.

Some rabbit breeds that are often used as pets are Australian rabbits, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Polish, and many others. Keeping rabbits can also make your friend a loving person.

3. Fish

This alternative pet must have been widely known and kept, the animal in question is fish. Many people keep fish as a hobby so they are willing to spend a lot of money to collect fish. One of the advantages of keeping fish at home is that it is not too troublesome.

Compared to cats and dogs which require regular cleaning of litter to keep them clean, raising fish is less of a hassle. Aquarium cleaning is done in a fairly long period of time compared to cleaning cat and dog cages.

Unfortunately, fish cannot be spoken to and we cannot touch freely because they can only be seen. However, watching fish swimming in an aquarium or pond can relieve stress and fatigue.

4. Tortoise

Maybe this one animal is not widely kept because it feels less common if used as a pet. However, now many are selling turtles as pets so it is not difficult to find them.

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Turtle care is also quite simple and is classified as an animal that can survive long enough. For that, turtles are perfect for your friend who wants to have a long-lived pet.

Small tortoises can be kept in a box with a little water and rocks or sand so that they find a comfortable place to live. If the size is large, the turtle can be moved to a larger cage.

5. Birds

For those of you who like to keep animals, birds are the animals that are often chosen to be kept as compared to dogs and cats. Keeping birds in front of the house can also be a decoration and the atmosphere at home becomes more solemn with the sound of chattering in the morning.

Keeping birds can indeed be a stress reliever, especially birds that have beautiful colors and melodious voices. Bird care is also easier than caring for cats and dogs, especially in feeding.

However, to keep certain birds, you have to be willing to spend quite a bit, for example, parrots and so on.

6. guinea pigs

The appearance of guinea pigs is similar to hamsters, but larger in size. Guinea pigs include rodents, such as mice and hamsters. Guinea pig food is also relatively cheap, namely vegetables, grass, and can also be grain.

The great thing about keeping guinea pigs is that their soft fur can be touched to relieve stress. This animal is also not a lot of behavior so it will not be a hassle when kept in a narrow place though.

7. Hedgehog

Hedgehogs or mini hedgehogs are increasingly gaining popularity among pet lovers. Although hedgehogs are famous for their spines, hedgehogs have spines that are quite safe to touch, unlike wild porcupines with sharp spines.

Not to mention his adorable behavior makes the owner can smile widely every time he sees it. If too excited, the owner can also directly stroke it without fear of being pricked by a thorn.

8. Sugar Glider

In addition to mini hedgehogs, sugar gliders are also increasingly popular because of their unique and cute shapes. This animal has a kind of wing that connects the front and hind legs. These wings will open when the sugar glider jumps from one place to another.

For boarding children, sugar gliders can be a suitable alternative pet because they do not require a large cage. These pets can be fed bananas. Simple and hassle free, right?

9. Iguanas

For pet lovers who want to try new sensations, iguanas can be unique pets. These animals can be tame so there is no need to be afraid of being bitten. Disadvantages of maintaining this iguana is the price and expensive maintenance.


The nine alternative pets above are safe to keep, so you don’t have to worry about getting bitten or putting your life at risk. Apparently, there are many animals that can be kept to accompany your friend at home.