Animal Manure That Can Be Used as Fertilizer

Various Types of Animal Manure That Can Be Used as Fertilizer

We may already know that animal manure can be used as fertilizer through the composter process. For those who know the benefits of fertilizers, they must have understood what the functions of animal manure fertilizers are for plant development.

However, many people still don’t know what types of animal manure are good for fertilizer. Therefore, this article will add insight to you to find out the types of animal waste that can be used as fertilizer and how to process them.

The Process of Making Animal Manure Into Fertilizer

Compost is a type of fertilizer made from animal waste which is made through the weathering of microorganisms. The process of making compost from animal waste uses organic materials through the interaction between microorganisms or spoilage bacteria.

One of the animal dung that can be used as fertilizer is cow dung. Cow dung has a large enough opportunity to be used as fertilizer. Meanwhile, the materials needed to make fertilizer from cow dung include rice husks, molasses, water and decomposers.

There are several tools needed for the manufacture of fertilizers including hoes, shovels, tarpaulins, storage sheds, buckets and sacks. How to make fertilizer from cow dung is also easy to do.  You can imitate the following steps:

  • The first way is to prepare a type of animal manure that can be used as fertilizer such as cow dung.
  • Then backfilled using rice husks, then sprinkle stardec and molasses evenly and stir until all ingredients are mixed.
  • You can adjust the humidity of the fertilizer to around 60% with the characteristics of no water droplets and when the fertilizer is held it does not break. However, if the fertilizer moisture is not enough, it can be added with enough water.
  • All materials that have been stirred and measured for moisture can be covered with a tarpaulin.
  • The next stage is the reversal once a week, while the fertilizer check is carried out on the third day.
  • If at the time of checking the compost feels hot, then the composting process has been running smoothly. This composting process will usually last up to 3 weeks and will end with a change in fertilizer that does not smell and is not hot.

If you are still unsure whether the composting process has gone well or not, it is necessary to understand some of the characteristics of the finished fertilizer. The characteristics of ready-made compost include:

  • It has a dark brown color.
  • It has a less pungent aroma as it was at the beginning of manufacture.
  • When the fertilizer is held the texture will clot.
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Types of Animal Manure That Can Be Used as Fertilizer

One type of fertilizer that can fertilize the soil and make plants grow fast is fertilizer.There are various types of animal manure that can be used as fertilizer such as cow dung, buffalo, chicken, goat, rabbit and various other animals.

This fertilizer will serve to meet various nutrients needed by plants so that they can grow quickly. Fertilizer also serves to increase plant cells and cell volume.

Another advantage of this fertilizer is that it is easy to obtain. The manufacture of this fertilizer can be done by using various types of manure. Here are some types of animal manure that can be made into fertilizer:

1. Chicken Manure

Usually, chicken farmers will convert chicken manure waste into fertilizer. This type of fertilizer from chicken manure is also in great demand by farmers because the process is fast.

Chicken manure is also highly recommended for vegetables with short cycles. This is because the content of chicken manure such as element N is needed by plants.

The advantage of this chicken manure fertilizer also has a smell that does not agree with other animal manure fertilizers. The use of chicken manure for plants will speed up the decomposition process.

2. Cow Manure

The use of fertilizers made from cow dung is not new to rural farmers. This fertilizer made from cow dung also has many benefits for the growth and development of plant species.

The high fiber content in manure from cow manure can improve the properties of soil elements. So that clay and even sandy soil can become loose if mixed with cow dung fertilizer.

This type of animal manure that can be used as fertilizer such as cow dung can be said to be successful if it has gone through a perfect decomposition process. The complete decomposition process of cow dung fertilizer is characterized by its odorless, non-sticky and dark black color.

3. Goat Manure

The common characteristics of goat manure is that it has a small shape with low water content. In addition, goat manure is commonly used as manure or compost.

The main principle in making goat manure is through the composting process. The quality of the soil mixed with fertilizer from goat manure before fermentation will improve.

Fertilizer from goat manure is also able to increase plant stimulation for fruit and flowers. Meanwhile, the content of micro or macro elements from goat manure is better when compared to cow manure even though the amount is small.


In general, various types of animal manure that can be used as fertilizer are easy to find. Various types of fertilizer from animal waste can also be adjusted to the type of plant and your needs