The benefits of carrots and carrot juice therapy for health

The benefits of carrots and carrot juice therapy for health

Carrots are tubers which are classified into the vegetable group. This carrot vegetable is very popular in Indonesia, which contains the most nutrients. Latin name carrot, Daucus sarota, this vegetable is orange. The benefits of carrots are well known to many people for eye health. You can’t go wrong with carrots for consumption. Carrots have a slightly bitter taste and are sharp as they get bigger. Choose carrots in good shape, still fresh, and bright orange in color.

Carrots are about half a meter high. It has smooth green leaves. The stems grow in the soil, the color is yellowish red. Carrots have a delicious taste and high nutritional value for carrots that are still fresh. The main nutritional source of beta-carotene is able to treat vision problems.

Carrot nutritional content

Carrots are rich in nutrients that have great benefits for your body. There is no longer any reason for you to refuse to eat carrots, because the benefits of carrots are very good for your body’s health.

Vitamin A content

The main content of carrots in the form of carotene or beta carotene which can turn into vitamin A. The vitamin content in carrots is not only for healthy eyesight, but also for preventing night blindness, accelerating wound healing, repairing skin, helping the liver remove toxins (poisons) in the body .

Beta carotene

The content of beta carotene can be for your immune system, thus preventing you from disease. Also to improve body health and prevent premature aging.


The nutritional content or nutrients contained in carrots include 27 mg calcium, 26 mg phosphorus, 0.5 mg iron, 34 mg sodium, and 246 mg potassium. Of the many nutrients contained in it, carrots can make new cells and enrich existing cells, and can prevent the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the nutrients in carrots can stimulate the fat-clearing reaction so that it can get rid of fat quickly.

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Potassium content

The potassium content in carrots has the main benefit, namely to neutralize the acid in the blood which often causes the growth of acne, gray hair among young people.


The mineral content in carrots is potassium. Potassium functions to maintain water balance in the body, neutralize acids in the blood, and lower blood pressure.

Carrot juice for health

For those of you who don’t like carrots to be consumed directly or mixed with vegetables, carrots can be juiced to reduce the sharp taste. The benefits of carrots by way of juice is very good for your health.

Special therapy to treat kidney stones

Carrot juice can treat kidney disease in the following ways. In the morning, consume lemon juice first, while in the afternoon consume carrot juice combined with beet and cucumber. Before going to bed, also consume a mixture of carrot juice, celery, and petroselli.

Special therapy for allergies

If you have allergies, try this recipe. In the morning drink carrot and spinach juice. During the day a combination of carrot, beet and cucumber juice. At night consume carrot juice again.

Eliminate bad breath

If any of you have bad breath, treat it with carrot juice combined with spinach. Drink 3 times a day.

In addition to the 3 benefits above, the benefits of juiced carrots include protecting the nervous system, improving digestion, anticancer, overcoming constipation, overcoming night blindness, maintaining liver health, and lowering blood pressure.

Tips for Choosing Healthy Carrots

If you are choosing carrots, ask your favorite vegetable brother whether the carrots are imported or not? choose local carrots. Imported carrots do not guarantee that they are free from chemicals/waxes that make them last for weeks on end. The content of these chemicals will certainly damage the systems in our bodies.

Serving Delicious Carrots

Carrot Juice – Juice some carrots, add milk and sugar and water to taste, it tastes quite good.
Cooked as a vegetable, many dishes use carrots such as cap cai and soup.
Mask – Mash the carrots, then apply on the face or skin you want to treat.