Vegetable Plants That Are Suitable for Growing at Home

10 Vegetable Plants That Are Suitable for Growing at Home

Having a vegetable garden at home can actually save you more on shopping costs every day, you know. There are several vegetable plants that are easy for you to grow at home. So, are you interested in having a vegetable garden at home?

Types of Vegetables that are Easy to Grow

Don’t worry, growing vegetables is not as difficult as we think. There are some vegetables that we can grow at home quite easily. What are they? Come on, take a look at the following!

1. Spinach

Spinach is your favorite vegetable? Happy! This one vegetable plant turns out to be very suitable for you to grow at home, you know!

Not only is it easy to plant, spinach care is also quite practical. You only need to prepare spinach seeds, planting media, pots or polybags, and water. After everything is ready, start to sow the seeds for about a month.

If it starts to germinate, make sure you move it to a larger planting medium and pot. Don’t forget to keep the humidity up by watering the spinach plants regularly

2. Chili

Chili can grow easily in hot weather. In addition, you can plant them anywhere, such as pots, polybags, or directly in the ground. However, make sure you use a large container so that the chili can grow more optimally

Plant chili seeds into the planting medium and don’t forget to water regularly, especially during the dry season.

3. Lettuce

Vegetables and salad lovers will love to prepare lettuce stock at home. To be more efficient and secure, try to grow it yourself

First of all, choose quality seeds, then, prepare the planting media and start planting them. To care for it is also quite easy, especially when it rains easily because lettuce can grow quickly and is very fertile. However, make sure you regularly water it, yes.

You only need to wait 65-80 days to harvest it and eat lettuce directly from your own garden.

4. Caisim or mustard greens

The next vegetable that is suitable for growing at home is green mustard or caisim. You can grow these vegetables in the ground or with a hydroponic system, you know.

However, when planting it, you also need to pay attention to environmental conditions. If the environment is cold, make sure the vegetables are exposed to direct sunlight.

On the other hand, if the environment is hot, you can plant this caisim in a shady place, such as under shady trees and transparent alderon roofs.

5. Kangkung

Who only wants to eat kale, but not other vegetables? Apparently, kale can also be grown at home, you know.

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How to plant kale is also very easy. First of all, you must choose quality kale seeds and prepare the planting medium.

Don’t forget to give fertilizer to the planting medium, and prepare the holes to put the seeds.

Make sure you water it regularly to make the kale thrive.

6. Tomato

The next vegetable plant that is fast growing and easy for you to care for at home is the tomato. So easy, tomatoes are also suitable for planting by children, you know.

You can start with the process of sowing the seeds in the planting medium, which is not too dense so that the water can flow smoothly.

Be sure to plant tomatoes in an area that gets direct sunlight. Don’t forget to water it regularly and give fertilizer to make your tomatoes more nutritious, Ruppers!

7. Onion and garlic

Both of these ingredients must be used in cooking because they can make food more delicious. So, there’s nothing wrong with planting garlic and red

How to plant it is also easy, Ruppers. You only need to separate the cloves, then plant them into quality soil. Make sure to give it water to make it more solid.

Place the plant in an area that gets sunlight and don’t forget to water it often.

8. Cucumber

Unlike other vegetables, cucumber is a plant that grows vines and likes heat. So, you need a post or fence to thrive.

You can plant cucumber seeds directly in the ground by placing a stick or pole. Then, choose a place that gets enough sunlight and make sure you water it regularly.

9. Beans

If you want a very productive vegetable crop, try growing chickpeas. The more beans you plant, the more you can harvest.

How to plant it is quite easy. You can directly sow the seeds into the ground and water them regularly. Within 55-65 days, the beans are ready for you to harvest.

10. Eggplant

Eggplant or eggplant is also one of the vegetable plants that can be grown at home very easily, you know.

You can plant them in pots, polybags, or directly in the ground, as long as they are supported by wood to hold them in place. First of all, you need to sow the seeds. After that, just move it to a polybag or pot.

Try to plant it in a fairly shady place and water this plant regularly.

Those are 10 vegetable plants that are suitable for planting in your yard. Is your favorite vegetable one of them?

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