How to Cultivate Catfish for Beginners to Produce Quality Seeds

How to Cultivate Catfish for Beginners to Produce Quality Seeds

Cultivation of catfish is indeed one of the livelihoods carried out by many Indonesian people. Not without reason, catfish is a type of fish that is often consumed by many people. In addition to its delicious taste, catfish are usually sold at affordable prices, so it is not surprising that public interest in catfish products is very high.

Besides being cheap and easy to get, catfish has a variety of nutrients that are good for the body. Starting from protein, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and iodine. Not only that, catfish also contains various vitamins that the body needs. Such as vitamins A, D, B6, and B12. It is not wrong if catfish is one type of healthy food that can be consumed daily.

For these reasons, catfish is one type of business that has a good future. With the high interest of the community, of course the catfish business can sell well in the market. For those who are interested, of course you are curious about how to easily cultivate catfish that can produce high-quality seeds.

Here we have summarized some easy ways to cultivate catfish to produce high-quality seeds that you need to know.

Preparing the Pool

The first way to cultivate catfish that must be considered is to prepare the pond to be used. In this case, you can use an earthen pond, a cement pond, or an artificial pond that uses plastic sheeting. Try to have a pool that is wide and deep enough so that the catfish don’t die quickly due to lack of oxygen.

After preparing a pond that already contains water, wait a few days in advance for the moss in the pond to begin to form. Only after that, you can put catfish seeds into it.

The use of moss and phytoplankton is none other than to keep the water from turning cloudy. Usually it takes about 3-7 days for the formation of moss to occur perfectly and it is ready to become a place for catfish to live.

Choosing Superior Catfish Seeds

How to cultivate catfish that needs to be considered next is choosing superior catfish seeds. Choose superior catfish seeds, so that catfish grow fast and are not susceptible to disease.

In addition, choosing good quality catfish seeds will also produce bright colored catfish and are active and agile when fed.

For this, you can try choosing dumbo catfish seeds. This catfish seed has maintenance that is fairly easy and not complicated.

More than that, African catfish seeds are said to have good meat quality and are disease resistant. African catfish seeds can also be grown in large quantities.

Pay attention to a good time to sow seeds

The next way to cultivate catfish is to pay attention to the right time to sow the seeds. In this case, you can use a bucket filled with catfish seeds partially. Then, slowly enter the bucket into the pond until the catfish seeds can come out by themselves.

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Avoid entering catfish seeds simultaneously into the pond. Because this can make the catfish become stressed and lead to death. A good time to sow catfish seeds is in the morning or evening.

At this time, the catfish will usually be calmer and more stable, so it is safe to transfer them to the pond.

Separate Catfish Size

How to cultivate catfish properly and easily must also separate the size of the catfish. You need to separate catfish according to body size. Especially catfish with small bodies are separated from catfish that are adults.

This is important so that the adult catfish does not hurt the small catfish. This method is usually done after the catfish seedlings are 20 days old in the pond. This is one way that needs to be done to maintain good quality catfish.

Pay Attention to Pool Depth and Water Quality

The next method of catfish cultivation also needs to pay attention to the pond and water quality well. Although catfish survive in a mossy water environment, you still need to pay attention to the source of the water used to fill it with clear water. This means that it does not come from a water source that is exposed to waste.

In addition, the depth of the pond for catfish should be made with a size of 20 cm. Then, in the second month it is increased to 40 cm, and in the third month it becomes 80 cm. You can also add aquatic plants to the pond to make it more shady and the fish don’t overheat.

In addition, adding aquatic plants to the catfish pond is also useful for absorbing toxins so that the pond water remains healthy to live in.

Choose Good Catfish Feed

The next way to cultivate catfish is to choose a good catfish feed. Choose a feed that contains good nutrition, for example, you can use feed type 781-1.

This food can be given every morning, afternoon, and evening. In addition, you can also add feeding hours for catfish as needed.

Harvest Catfish After 3 Months

The last way of cultivating catfish is that harvesting activities can be carried out after 3 months of captivity. After 3 months from spreading the seeds, the catfish have grown bigger and are ready to be harvested. Once harvested, you can use the pond for re-dispersal of seeds.

But you should clean the pond first before spreading the seeds. In addition, make sure that there are no catfish left before the new catfish seeds are spread into the pond.