The 5 Best Earthworm Castings Benefits You Should Know

The 5 Best Earthworm Castings Benefits You Should Know. Worm castings help to absorb water by acting much like a sponge. Worm castings are a natural organic fertilizer.

Worm Castings 101 Benefits to Plants and Soil Homestead and Chill
Worm Castings 101 Benefits to Plants and Soil Homestead and Chill from

They are excreted by earthworms after they eat organic material and food scraps. Worm castings are a gentle, effective, natural fertilizer that provide essential nutrients to plants. But the extra advantages make it worthwhile to have them in your garden.

Worm Castings Are A Gentle, Effective, Natural Fertilizer That Provide Essential Nutrients To Plants.

This can be especially useful in the reclamation of landfills and other contaminated sites. Over a period of time, worms digest their feed and poop it out which leave nutritious worm castings for planting. How to use worms castings for compost bins

The Castings Provide Your Garden With The Best Soil Possible To Help Your Plants Grow.

When it is being processed through the gut about 5 to 10 percent is actually being digested by the worm. Produced from earthworms, worm castings are a unique kind of organic fertilizer. This is your earthworm compost or vermicompost and can be harvested.

If You Are Using A “Teabag,” Secure The Fabric Around The Castings.

Gently knead the castings into the soil and water lightly. In short, worm castings are the super food of garden plants. Existing trees, shrubs, vines, & roses.

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However, Castings Have Their Benefits.

Gently knead or rake into soil and water lightly. Just like humans reap the benefits from vitamins c and d to build their immune systems, plants derive huge benefits from castings. The advantages outnumber the disadvantages by far.

The Remaining Material Is Coated In An Enzymatic Casing When It Is Excreted By The Worm.

After incorporating the castings into the soil, your garden will be ready to reap the benefits. After a month, add more castings to replace nutrients and increase healthy activity. This well digested organic matter makes a perfect fertiliser, and thrifty gardens will.