How To Unblock Blocked Sim Card You Should Know

How To Unblock Blocked Sim Card You Should Know. Seek to speak with a customer care personnel and tell them you need your sim puk. Type the registered email id or alternate phone number as well so that you can receive the otp.

How to unblock SIM Card & recover PIN or PUK Code! YouTube
How to unblock SIM Card & recover PIN or PUK Code! YouTube from

To unblock your sim card, you must enter a puk (pin unlock key) code. Follow the prompt and input the puk code sent by your carrier. Provide the affected phone number and answer the proposed security questions to get your personal unblocking key.

For Example, “Updatenin 12345678910 Samuel Bright”.

Well, in that case, you will. Enter puk unlock code ‘ or ‘sim card blocked. To unblock your sim card you'll want to follow these instructions to obtain and enter a puk code.

Seek To Speak With A Customer Care Personnel And Tell Them You Need Your Sim Puk.

Call 200 from a 9mobile line or +2348090000200 from another network. Enter a new pin code (usually four to eight digits) and press ok. If you locked your sim card, you will be prompted to enter the password when you insert that sim into a new phone.

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For This Form, You Must Retain Minimum Rs.2 Balance In Your Sim Card :.

And insert the blocked sim in the phone again and switch on the phone. This sim card is blocked. Let us look into that for you.

To Unlock It You Must Reset Your Pin By Entering Your Sim Card’s Unique Unlock Key (Also Called A Pin Unblocking Key Or Puk).

Then go to the phone & sim option and select international roaming. There have been several claims by some people that their sims were blocked even though they are linked to their nins. Just insert the blocked sim inside phone, then remove it and switch off the phone.

How To Unblock Sim Card Visit The Service Centre Of Your Network Provider Request For A Complaint Form Get A Letter To Take To Nimc Office Update Your Data And Your Line Will Be.

3 click/tap on cellular on the left side, and click/tap on the advanced options link on the right side. Unblock airtel sim with operating process : Well, in that case, i advise you to go to a service agent as sim slots are very fragile and you could break them easily.