How To Clean Ipe Wood Deck Right Way

How To Clean Ipe Wood Deck Right Way. Allow the deck to dry for at least a day or two in good weather before applying any stain or finish. The following is a list of the materials you need to properly treat your ipe wood:

How to clean and maintain IPE deck? Tropical Forest Products
How to clean and maintain IPE deck? Tropical Forest Products from

Scrub the deck boards with the grain of the wood. Use uv protection also known as “oil” before installation or immediately after. You can use a hose to safely clean off your deck but be careful when using a power washer.

When All The Deck Cleaning Is Done A Wood Professional Will Generally Balance The Ph Of The Deck With A Brightener.

This is an updated explanation of how to maintain an ipe deck/fence/siding. In a pinch, you may use mild dish soap, then rinse clean with water. Ensure the deck is free of debris.

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Rinse Thoroughly With Clean Water.

Sweep all the leaves and debris away then wash the deck with a garden hose to ensure no sap, dust or other remnants remain. Follow these simple steps to safely clean your ipe deck: I have two major questions:

Seal The Ends Of Every Board That Is Not Already Sealed.

Spray cleaner on boards after wetting with water. Ipe is a great wood and looks absolutely beautiful when stained. Use a vacuum to remove stubborn dust between the deck tiles.

This Video Applies To The Maintenance Of Any Exterior Use Of Brazilian Hardwoods.

There are a few areas that need to be sanded (a few areas of minor rough finish and some minor scratches). Yes, a film coating will look nice for a while, but it doesn’t take long. Using a deck cleaner that works the best will make the chore of reapplication easier and more effective.

One Quart Bleach (If You Do Not Have Mold Or Algae, You Can Reduce The Amount Of Bleach) Use A Scrub Brush On A Long Handle And Thoroughly Wash The Deck With The Cleaning Solution.

A guide to cumaru decking. A deck brightener is an acid product and while applying it returns the wood natural ph balance. If you are installing a new deck and doing initial maintenance you should do the following: