+29 How To Place A Mezuzah Right Way

+29 How To Place A Mezuzah Right Way. One should place the mezuzah on a flat surface face up, with the word shema (the first word) in the top right corner and roll it starting from the left side [fig.20.10]. See also the aruch hashulchan 289:14.

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The mezuzah goes in the upper third of the right doorpost (as you're going in). The mezuzah is affixed to the right side of the door as one enters a room. A building not used as a permanent residence, such as.

If The Mezuzah Was Rolled From Right To Left, It Is Still Kosher, But It Should Be Removed From Its Case, Rerolled, And.

In fact, several of those words need better definition before we can be confident we are fulfilling the mitzvah. The first step in preparing to put up your mezuzah is to wrap the klaf, scroll, in waxed or other greaseproof paper to provide an inner protective covering. When using adhesive, make surface of the doorpost is clean and dry.

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Sephardim Place The Mezuzah Vertically.

A mezuzah should never be placed at the entrance to a bathroom. You buy a piece of parchment with the proper writing on it, put it in a case and attach it to the right doorpost of a doorway. Place the mezuzah on the right side of the doorpost as you enter the main room (e.g., on the right side of the door as you enter your home, on the right side of the door as you enter a bedroom, etc.).;

This Video Shows The Entire, Straightforward Process,.

Procedure for affixing a mezuzah: The mezuzah itself consists of a small scroll of parchment (k’laf ) on which are written two biblical passages. At this point it is customary to recite the blessing for hanging the mezuzah:

Want To Hear The Blessings That Are Said?

The hebrew word mezuzah means “doorpost.”. Find the holes on the back of the. If you place the parchment in the mezuzah case yourself, roll it from left to right so that the word shaddai faces out.

Then, Carefully Place The Mezuzah Into The Correct Position (As Noted Above) And Apply Pressure.

In such a case no blessing is recited. Baruch atah adonai, eloheinu melech haolam, asher kidshanu v'mitzvotav v'tzivanu likboa mezuzah. In the upper third of doorpost height (shoulder high).