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The Parish Council met on February 5th with 9 Parish Councillors, Mike Fox-Davies Oxfordshire Council Councillor and a number of members of the public being present.

Last year the Parish Council commissioned a professional report on the Horse Chestnuts around the Big Green. The report suggested a course of tree surgery to maximise the life of the trees. After obtaining quotes we have asked Ringrose's to do the work and we will liaise with them, and The District Council's Tree Officer, to find the best time to do the work. Before any work is done the Parish Council will display what works have been recommended to individual trees so that residents can express their views.

May we remind residents that dogs, including puppies are not allowed within the children’s play park. Please, do not tie puppies up within the play park.

Parish Council elections will be held on May 2nd 2019. Parish Council Councillor’s are elected for a period of 4 years.

Steventon Parish Council has 9 Councillors’. People of any political or religious persuasion are eligible to become a councilor, although their personal views should not extend to their Parish Council work. To become a Parish Councilor you must be at least 18 years old on the day of your nomination and be resident or work in the Parish.

Publication of Notice of Election & Nominations will open on Tuesday 26 March 2019. The deadline for receipt of nomination papers and withdrawal of candidature is Wednesday 3 April 2019 (4 pm).

Full details of how to be nominated as a Steventon Parish Councillor are given in the Parish Council Notice in this edition of Steventon News and displayed on the notice board at the Coop.

The next Parish Council meeting is on March 5th at 7pm in the Village Hall. If you want to find out what has/is happening in the village please come along.

Dr Chris Wilding

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