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The Parish Council met on April 3rd with 8 Parish Councillors, Mike Fox-Davies Oxfordshire County Council Councillor and several members of the public being present. No apologies had been received from Matthew Barber, Vale of White Horse District Councillor. It was noted that Matthew Barber has not attended a Steventon Parish Council meeting this calendar year.

Historic England has objected to the demolition of Steventon Grade II listed railway bridge. This objection was raised as a result of the conclusions of independent experts commissioned by both the Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) and Steventon Parish Council. Both independent experts concluded that there are alternative, viable, options other than bridge demolition to meet the requirements for the Network Rail electrification project on the Great Western railway line.

The objection has meant that the Network Rail application for consent to demolish the bridge and replace it over a time period of at least 10 months will now be heard at a VWHDC planning meeting in May.

We are still waiting for the Oxfordshire County Council Highways Inspector to look at the appalling state of Hanney Road. In fact the winter period has left all the roads in Steventon in a dangerous state with the formation of pot holes and re-exposure of those that have been inadequately remediated. Please contact to report pot holes in your street.

It is believed that the driver of the car, as described in the February Parish report, reversing from Munchies and hitting a resident is the landlord of the George and Dragon at Upton. He has not had the decency to apologise to the resident concerned.

The Parish Council have had a report that a family has been blocking the ditch at the rear of the green by creating waterfalls.  May i remind residents and particularly those new to the village of the importance of ditches. Ditches are there for a reason, they are essential for controlling movement of water through the village and help prevent flooding. It is essential therefore to keep ditches clear of obstructions.  

The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 1st May at 7pm in the Village Hall. This meeting is the Annual Meeting with the Parish where reports from village groups and organisations are given. These include Village Hall, Parochial Charities report, Parochial Charities funding, St Michael's School, SARINC , Steventon Sports & Sports & Social Club and DAMASCUS. If you want to find out what has/is happening in the village please come along.

Dr Chris Wilding - Chair


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